Revo Food Fabricator X2

3D Product Animation (2024-01-15)

After successfully releasing the first version of their 3D-textured vegan salmon filet, Revo Foods is aiming to scale up their production capabilities. Hypersquare Design envisioned how the industrial texturing process would look like in the near future with a product animation.

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Showcasing Novel Products

The path to a finished, physical product can be long and challenging. Especially for newborn categories that are pioneering the underlying manufacturing methods. Our main goal during this project was to create a consistent storyline between the current technical framework and the future development roadmap.

Creating Visual Relevance

Human brains are great at decoding images and even complex mechanisms become easily understandable when explained via videos. A comprehensive 3D workflow allows us to create photorealistic animations of technical processes and interpretations of abstract propositions.

Telling A Story

Like any good explanation, we're trying to translate between general knowledge and the bigger picture. Through the integration of familiar concepts within a compelling filmic framework, we turn nuanced ideas into tangible narratives.

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