Revo Underwater Quiz

Augmented Reality Campaign (2023-03-06)

Revo Foods' mission is to change the way we enjoy seafood by making it 100% plant-based. Aside from offering vegan alternatives to salmon and tuna spread, their goal is to educate consumers about the benefits of not eating actual fish. We had the opportunity to support their conservation efforts with an augmented social media campaign.

Augmented Campaigning as an Educational Tool

Focusing on a young audience, the overall goal was to engage new people with the brand in a playful way. An interactive quiz experience on Instagram offered both a way to immerse users in an underwater world and an opportunity to provide interesting facts that are related to the company's mission.

Matching the Brand Vibe

The vibrant artwork featured on Revo's packaging and marketing material served as a great foundation for the look and feel of the AR effect. Marine life illustrations were transformed into animated 3D objects to provide the appearance of being underwater. Combined with the brand's overall color scheme, the effect is easily recognizable without additional heavy branding that can compromise its shareability on social media.

Custom Mechanics, Sounds and Assets

Game mechanics in AR can be quite tricky because they usually rely on camera-based inputs like head movements. By developing a custom interaction concept with complementary assets and sounds, we had full control over the entire user experience of the Instagram effect.

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