UI / UX & Feature development (2021-04-01)

Walls.io is a service for collecting authentic content created by the community. A digital content solution for everyone. Over the years, we advanced UI components, developed a variety of new features, and helped maintain the company's overall design language.

Designing for highly flexible content

As a social media aggregator, Walls.io offers the tools to collect, curate, and display content in an easy-to-customize feed – your wall. The challenging part when designing features in this setting is to anticipate the multitude of content types from social networks, RSS feeds, or direct posts. It is about subtracting rather than adding to create a proper stage that allows the content to shine.

Transitioning company structure

Walls.io is a company that is still staying true to its startup roots. During the process of becoming a full-scale enterprise, changes also affect the design and feature implementation. This meant keeping the design system lean and agile to deliver a consistent level of quality throughout transitional phases.

Evolving features

With an organically growing product, the conceptual focus sometimes diverts from the original plan. By challenging earlier features, we facilitated UX revamps and improved the overall functionality. One of many valuable takeaways from this ongoing project that continuously provides us with insights into the evergrowing world of social SaaS apps.

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